Divorce Magazine eNewsletter February 2018

Divorce Magazine eNewsletter February 2018

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Co-Parenting and Divorce

Successful Same-Sex Co-Parenting: Keeping the Focus on the Child

How one couple moved from grief and guilt to respect and cooperation as same-sex co-parents.



The Divorce Process 

7 Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid  

Avoiding these divorce mistakes will help your case and prevent future regrets.



Coping with Divorce

Dealing with Divorce Loneliness? Here’s Help

Loneliness can be one of the greatest challenges for people going through separation or divorce.




3 Reasons Why We Stay in Unhappy Marriages

Whatever our brain decides is the primary justification for remaining in a bad relationship, most of these boil down to a handful of reasons



Legal Issues

5 Reasons to Retain an Experienced Divorce Attorney 

Don’t go through divorce alone! Here’s why you should engage an experienced divorce attorney to guide you through your divorce proceedings.


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