Divorce Magazine eNewsletter September 2017

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Considering Divorce 

Are You Ready for Divorce? Ask Yourself These Questions

If you are still questioning whether or not you are ready for divorce, then consider these additional questions.


Children and Divorce 

How to Make Your Kids Feel Secure

Ways that parents can help children hold onto a sense of security throughout this difficult process.


Financial Issues

The Lump Sum Divorce: A Trap for the Unwary 

Consider the many variables before accepting lump sum divorce settlements.



The Divorce Process   

Divorce Coaching and How it Can Help You

If you’re in the process of navigating a divorce, a divorce coach can be a critical player in the process.


Divorce Recovery

3 Tips for When Old Friends Desert You While You’re Coping with Divorce

When an old friend deserts you, it’s a deep cut. It’s easy to crawl in a corner and lick your wounds. But, you have a new life to create!


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