Divorce Magazine eNewsletter May 2017

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Coping with Divorce 

4 Tips for Dealing with Worrying During Divorce

Worry alerts a person that all is not right in a situation; it’s a call to action for making a change. Here are four ways to heed this call in a productive manner.


Children and Divorce

Co-Parenting after Divorce: Learn to Let Go of Things

If you and your co-parent disagree about everything, you’ll find yourself exhausted and ineffective. Consider these tips when deciding whether to hold firm or let something go.


Financial Issues 

8 Personal Finance Tips to Follow During Divorce 

During divorce, you’re going from a two-income to a one-income household. You need to get a handle on your finances — not only for yourself, but also for your children.


Divorce Recovery

Divorce Recovery: 4 Stages to Reclaim Your Life 

Divorce can very traumatic, but if you allow yourself to heal and utilize available support, you can emerge happier than ever before.


Relationships and Dating 

2 Ways You May Have Contributed to Your Failing Marriage

Learning what you could have done differently can help you feel more powerful — and make future relationships easier for you.


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